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RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)-TYRE FITTER /KERALA

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is program under PMKVY to create individual with experience or skills will get training from certified trainer and assessed for the certification provided under PMKVY, it’s an Initiative create skill workers in recognized way which leads to make formal individual This re- skilling program has been skilling program has been structured and aligned to the NOSs created by RSDC (Rubber Skill Development Council)


We at BPSN (Bridge Point skills and Network) make sure about the training conducting guidelines are followed which compliance of 12 hours of industry shop floors, where the candidates are trained on domain, soft skills and safety aspects. Being a part of this project of RSDC under PMKVY, BPSN (we) got the opportunity to provide training to 900 candidates for the job role Tyre Fitter which was conducted on field and camp trainer providing candidates top match guidance.